Blue Marlin & Co. Rome
The constant desire for a style that is out of the box, and the need to have an ever wider choice of clothing and accessories, means that research is always constant and selective. From this need, our Store was born. December 8, 1984. Historical date for us ..... The first small Store comes to life, and our journey begins. Faithful to a recognizable taste, we begin our journey.


The speed with which our "old" world is changing forces us to take the first step towards a "new" one, dominated by digital concepts and abstract sensations. We therefore decide to start a total rebranding process of the Blue Marlin & Co. brand with the aim of renewing our identity, with a view to landing in the world of the internet.


Finally, the innovation process is completed with the entry into the e-commerce world, through the launch of our first virtual store. A place where we have decided to bring back sensations, flavors and smells that have contradicted the identity of Blue Marlin for 35 years, making it one of a kind.


Blue Marlin & Co.
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